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MobilArt believes that every brand has a unique soul that transcends its features or offers. As active partners to brands, we take on the end-to-end responsibilities of contributing to brands’ growth stories.

With more than three decades of combined experience in content creation, MobilArt is adept at building value for your business. We do this by way of:

  • Customizable digital programmes that build short-term value and long-term impact
  • Knowledge-creation for consumers through innovative content
  • An ability to build long-term opportunities for marketing and connecting with the target audience
  • Build specific consumer communities that are revenue-generating in their nature and cost-reducing in their execution
  • Enable customers to gather, store and learn from business intelligence.

End-to-end solutions for digital solutions

Mobile & Web Apps Solutions

  • Website / WAP Development
  • mCommerce portals
  • Mobile Gaming
  • QR Code platform
  • mEducation
  • Custom-made software solutions for internal & external consumption

Content Solutions

  • Video Content (Brand Films, Corporate Films, Viral Videos, YouTube Ad Campaigns, Testimonial Videos, Internal Communication films)
  • Textual content (for Blogs, Newsletters, Websites, Social Media)
  • Audio (Ringtones/Jingles/Stories/Podcasts)
  • Product Photo-shoots
  • Need-based content production

Digital and Social Solutions

  • Social media (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr)·
  • Digital media engagement campaigns
  • Digital media marketing solutions (SEO, SEM, ORM etc)

Enterprise Solutions for Mobility

  • Retail Audits
  • Sales-Marketing Interface
  • Tailored solutions as per requirement

Marketing and Distribution

  • Media planning
  • Mobile marketing.
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