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With a young team that buzzes with fresh, innovative and engaging ideas, MobilArt Enterprise has successfully shaped some very distinctive content solutions for the biggest brands in the country. We have a history of successfully executing milestone assignments for leading brands; for instance:

1. Mirinda’s ‘Pagalpanti Bhi Zaroori Hai’


Enabling Mirinda to connect with urban teens on both ATL and BTL platforms through a digital contest, while differentiating it from its competitors.
Mirinda’s objective was to appeal to its target market – teens – through an approach which is contradictory to Sprite’s ‘Clear Hai.’ Quite unlike Sprite, Mirinda believes that ‘Pagalpanti Bhi Zaroori Hai,’ and its campaigns reinforce this idea as well.
Their objective was, therefore, to connect with urban teens on both ATL and BTL platforms through a contest that required the audience to share ‘pagalpanti’ ideas that are similar to their present Pagalpanti Bhi Zaroori Hai TV ad-campaign with southern belle, Asin.


Accordingly, MobilArt was brought on board as viral video producers, and
tasked with creating a content platform with 18 vignettes, 20 seconds in
length, for online and TV viewing.

In keeping with the challenge of maintaining a gaming/sports theme, the AVs mashed up two different sporting activities such as playing carom with boxing gloves for a whacky and distinctive impact.
The videos have elicited overwhelming response from contest participants, while our own have received thousands of views on YouTube.

2. Sprite ‘Teen till I Die’ contest


Client requirement [MobilArt Enterprises puts the Sprite credo ‘Chalo Apni Chaal’ to the test, and helps deliver an enormously successful teen-focused digital campaign.

In tune with its ‘Chalo Apni Chaal’ marketing-campaign, Sprite aspired to engage youth through an exclusively digital talent platform, ‘Teen till I Die.’ The brand organised the contest to showcase youth talent; powered entirely by digital media.
In keeping with the ‘Chalo Apni Chaal’ theme, contestants were required to bring their own brand of zing to the table, and really stand out.

Solution provided

  • We were brought on board for concept development and project execution,
    connecting with youth hands-on and providing them with a platform to
    express themselves and showcase their unique talent in dance, music, art,
    or stand-up comedy.


  • The contest generated a record numbers of uploads and votes on the exclusive micro-site andChannel V, besides lakhs of views and likes on YouTube and Facebook. ThisSummer of 69 cover, for instance, generated 349,560 views at last count. Sprite received more than 2 million views on YouTube in just a week.
  • Massive youth engagement through social media by way of Sprite’s 15 million strong fan-base on Facebook and 82K followers on Twitter.
  • Promoted on the YouTube homepage and in YouTube’s list of featured videos, all day through December 26, 2013.
  • ‘Chaal of the day’ entries shared enthusiastically on all social networks.
  • Hash-tags like #TeenTillIDie, #ChaalOfTheDay and #MakeYourOwnMove were found doing the rounds.
  • Counted among the top social media campaigns of Q3, 2013, compiled by Lighthouse Insights, a social media news publication.
  • Sprite is now keen for Round 2, which is expected in 2014.

3. OLX’s ‘Sell n Tell’ contest


MobilArt Enterprises is enabling OLX to engage with its loyal customers by way of a cross-platform engagement campaign that highlights how the company has touched its users’ lives.

Within a few years, OLX has been able to successfully entrench itself in the Indian e-commerce space, as well as in the minds of Indian consumers. So much so, that the company boasts of a vast social media following.

The campaign in question was an effort to celebrate this success and engage these followers by way of a cross-platform engagement campaign that portrays OLX’s success by a metric of the lives the company has touched.

Solution provided

MobilArt Enterprises was responsible for ideating, designing and executing the contest, which has received wide attention from OLX’s users on Facebook.

In addition to several digital content collaterals, we have also designed and developed the app for contest entry on OLX India’s FB page, and managed several back-end operations.


In order to generate pre-launch interest in the campaign, MobilArt created a series of 10 promotion videos to promote the campaign on FB and Twitter.

To engage the audience with the submitted testimonials (over a 1,000) , these original stories have been converted into funny and endearing BitStrips in real-time.

We also brought on board East India Comedy’s hilarious Sorabh Pant and Kunal Rao to organise a live Google Hangout where the winning testimonials were recounted.

This is an ongoing project.


4. Danone Nutricia’s Farex (Sales-driven)


We realised that the first battle would be launching the product amongst the company’s own sales staff in an impactful manner.

The Farex project involved introducing the new and improved product to sales personnel. We believed there was a fundamental need for the sales force to develop a sense of pride for the product, which was once the preferred choice among consumers.

Solution Provided

For this, CE strategized and developed collateral for marketing communication, such as:

  • A brand AV that details product features
  • An AV to help marketers identify the right TG for the product
  • A rousing, motivational AV to impassion the sales force
  • Tablet Interface solutions to help sales-people pitch the brand.


  • Our specialised content offerings effectively alligned the national sales team to the marketing team’s vision.
  • It generated a positive atmosphere for the launch, as well as strong motivation to compete with the market leader.
  • It has also geared the sales team for the launch, while empowering them with new-age technology tools that helped them promote the brand better.

5. Danone Nutricia’s Farex (Consumption-driven)


A hands-on revival plan MobilArt that rides the digital wave, and breathes new life into the company’s ATL and BTL marketing efforts.
Baby food brands are restricted by law to directly promote their products to consumers, ie. mothers. Since doctors or HCPs are key influencers of Farex’s TG – expectant mothers, we believed it was critical for Farex to build and sustain a two-way communication with them.

Solution Provided

  • Created an interactive platform for the sales force to use while presenting the Farex launch via video/audio/text/images on a tablet in 9 languages.
  • Developed a communication platform with doctors by creating and managing a mobile app for curated content, thereby enabling knowledge-sharing on the go. This was aimed at building a relationship of trust with doctors and HCPs.
  • Also, developed a Survey App for MRs that enabled the sales team to collect doctors’/HCPs’ feedback and furnish Farex with a range of product and marketing insights.


  • Farex was able to create a good first impression among medical professionals by adopting a clutter-breaking approach.
  • By launching the product in a contemporary manner using new-age tech tools, we helped change the ‘baby food of the yesteryears’ perception for the brand among the medical community.
  • Successfully forged a two-way relationship with the doctor/HCP community through a knowledge-sharing initiative.
  • The positioning of the brand and special attributes of the product were explained through a host of digital and marketing collateral to a vast network of doctors/HCPs, making them more likely to recommend Farex to the TG.

6. Marico’s Livon Conditioning Cream Colour


MobilArt Enterprises helped Livon launch a brand new product offering by providing them with an excellent digital showcase platform.

Marico’s Livon Conditioning Cream Colour is a brand new addition by the company to its portfolio, and marks its launch in a new FMCG segment.

The company’s objective was creating a web presence/identity for this range, as well as creating awareness (and eliminating any doubts and misgivings about the product) before/during its launch period in April 2014.


Besides creating their website and mobile site, we have conceptualised and created two AVs for the brand, as well as banners for their digital campaign.

The first is an unboxing video that describes the different colouring tools that the product box contains. The second is an application video that enables customers using hair colour to make use of the right application methodologies to minimise hair damage and ensure optimal colouring.


MobilArt Enterprises was able to provide Livon with an excellent digital showcase platform, enabling them to create awareness for their product.

7. SmartPrep India


Given that Delhi, where SmartPrep operates, has a vast number of prominent test prep and coaching institutes, the objective was to break ice in a competitive environment. Not only was it important to educate the TG about the institute’s courses, but also establish what sets it apart.


In order to educate prospective students about its various courses, six videos were created for online viewing as well as for display at education fairs and the like. Besides this, CE helped SmartPrep develop a website and WAP site, which is presently generating revenues for the company.

Test prep on the move.

In a first of its kind initiative in the test prep sector, SmartPrep has introduced a mobile GK test portal. GK section comprises more than 75% of some of the popular entrance tests. By updating questions on a daily basis, this portal offered students a competitive edge.

Currently, the portal has subscriptions from across the country, and is a major revenue contributor for the brand.

The portal can be accessed at m.smartprepindia.com



Mumbai-based Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) is a pioneering image consultancy firm in India, with 14 centres across the country. This campaign was the result of a shift in the marketing focus of the company from ATL to BTL and digital marketing.

Our Efforts

In collaboration with their digital agency, CE developed a promotional campaign that threw more light on their courses. Two of ICBI’s top courses are aimed at women – college pass-outs and housewives. Accordingly, videos relevant to two distinct needs had to be created. Our first set of three videos for the company comprised videos detailing the courses. They were typography-led animation films that simplified the obscure concept of image consulting. A second set of community engagement video series was released on Facebook. This viral video series titled ‘Image Police,’ as well as an animated music video was crafted keeping in mind the need for eye-grabbing YouTube content.

The Impact

The videos have received an average of 50,000 views. Besides this, the campaign resulted in significant lead-generations, conversions and views for ICBI.

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