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MobilArt offers a range of mobile/web-centric offerings, starting from website / WAP development, and extending to mCommerce portals, QR code platforms and mEducation services.

Project: Parvarish – A Knowledge sharing Initiative

Client: Danone Nutricia

Product: Farex

Parvarish is a knowledge sharing initiative, which provides the latest news and developments in the area of maternal and child nutrition. Since baby food makers are not permitted by law to directly communicate with moms, this solution was a perfect way to connect with mothers as well as doctors and healthcare professionals (HCPs) by way of knowledge-sharing. This app, now available on iOS and Android, is essentially a knowledge-sharing platform that features advancements in the field by way of videos, audios and presentations. This scientific content is contributed and shared by experienced Indian as well as international HCPs.

Project: QR code platform for Danone Nutricia

Client: Danone Nutricia

Product: Farex

By law, makers of baby food are prohibited from promoting and advertising their products. Our objective here was to engage with expecting mothers through alternative means, such as various forms of online and real-world engagements. As part of this effort, we ideated and created a QR code platform for mothers on Farex packaging, so that mothers can easily access AVs and other information on baby food and generic baby nutrition online simply by scanning it.

Project: Mobile Test Centre for SmartPrep

Client: SmartPrep Education

Product: Mobile Test Centre

SmartPrep is a test-prep institute that prepares students for a variety of entrance tests, whether college of MBA entrances, or even government examinations. They required a solution that could test students on current events, a prerequisite for interviews or group discussions that students will have to appear for on being selected by their desired higher study institutions. MobilArt helped SmartPrep develop a special Mobile WAP Test Prep center that will have daily GK questions uploaded to the WAP Site. After completion of a particular test, the user can add one phone number to add a friend to ‘challenge,’ who will get a SMS about the quiz and can take the quiz to beat the user’s score. Today, the portal has subscriptions from across the country, and is a major revenue contributor for the brand.

Project: Livon Hair Color Webpage

Client: Marico’s Livon

Product: Livon Conditioning Cream Colour

Marico’s Livon Conditioning Cream Colour is a brand new addition by the company to its portfolio, and marks its launch in a new FMCG segment. The company’s objective was creating a web presence/identity for this range. Besides creating their website and mobile site, we have conceptualised and created two AVs for the brand, as well as banners for their digital campaign.

MobilArt’s Proprietary mCommerce Mobile Portal

MobilArt manages high-quality data services through its content platforms. With, MobilArt has successfully established a significant presence in the mobile WAP space with content in 14 languages and a variety of genres. Our library comprises 20,000 minutes of original audio-visual content, and is complemented by exclusive content tie-ups with renowned domestic and international content providers. The repository of offerings (audios, tones, videos, animations, wallpapers, apps and games) is refreshed on a regular basis. MobilArt along with Lehren networks is looking forward to set up what could be India’s largest youth-centric independent content library on YouTube and mobile.

mEducation Opportunities

MobilArt’s mEducation provides extended, post-classroom training through refreshers, concept clarity and, of course, assessment (core value-add)


Junior, Foundation & Advance modules Instructional design – modules

Higher Education

Mobile Test Center (WAP Quiz) Study Abroad


mJobs Prep: Railways/ Bank – PO & Clerical Retail Course

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