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Mera Brand Viral Karo !

Our clients often press us for numbers. Most organisations evaluate viral campaigns on a metric of likes, comments, shares and clicks. Yet, virals are so much more. Good virals don’t necessarily kick-start immediate action or short-term campaigns. Good viral marketing should rather focus on building awareness, than promoting an offering. Since they can be memorable and create long-term recall, virals enable truly organic impressions. It is a low-cost, low-risk, high-potential form of marketing that can produce quick results.

Why People Share

The first step in creating shareable content is gaining knowledge of your TG. Before setting out on this endeavour, it is important to study the flow of information among the intended audience as well as their consumption patterns. Marketers must know where their TG looks for information, and in whose opinions they trust.

The next step is to devise content that encourages shares. Today, there are several ways to get likes and shares, which may or may not really be relevant to your marketing efforts.


To remain relevant, marketers must focus on creating content that appeals to the right audience, such that they are motivated or enjoy some benefits of sharing it with their peers. Here’s why they would do that:

  • If the content is informative and can be a conversation starter
  • In the belief that others might find it useful or entertaining
  • If it reflects their personas, and how they want to be perceived
  • If it can nurture relationships

Decoding the Viral Formula

Here are some qualities that describe many widely shared viral videos on the web; following them in essence, if not sticking to them obsessively can ensure success.

  1. The best viral videos are dramatic and force the audience to feel something through humour or poignancy. Appeal to the TG’s emotions – that’s a safe bet for the content to multiply and spread.
  2. The message itself should be as brief as two minutes, simple, and highlight information or the benefits of your proposition. Eliminate profanity and refrain from depressing material to gain acceptability among the TG.
  3. If there’s a trending topic, cash up on the trend. For instance, Gangnam Style and Happy inspired a host of parodies in India and abroad, all of which achieved reasonable viewership on the back of the existing phenomenon. It helps if the content is focused and tailored to a particular geography.
  4. While posting a video, ensure that its title, thumbnail and descriptions are suited for SEO and enticing enough to click on. Although YouTube has a few limitations with respect to thumbnails, other channels are easier to work with. If the post isn’t interesting enough for you to like and share, no one else will either.
  5. If news aggregation sites like Reddit, Digg, FARK, StumbleUpon, etc, bite on, they kick-start content propagation. Hopefully, that will provide enough momentum to drive the content into social media by way of user shares on Twitter and Facebook.

Virals You Will Remember

Some viral videos have left a lasting impression on their respective TGs. Perhaps they will serve as great benchmarks for viral marketing novices.

East India Comedy – I’m not a woman

It’s ironic how a country that worships women is among the least safest for them. This viral by East India Comedy is an apology by Indian men for not giving the nation’s women a safe homeland, and reflects a popular sentiment among the masses.

All India Bakchod – Genius of the Year

Building on the deluge of Alia Bhat jokes and memes, this video by All India Bakchod is a brilliantly funny take on Alia’s attempt to finally get smarter, an attempt which is doomed to fail.

Lungi Dance – Awesome Car Trap – The Ultimate Move : Teen Steps – Sprite Teen Till I Die

‘Teen Till I Die’ was a talent hunt initiated by Sprite and executed by Circus Elephants. The TG – youth – was required to send in entry videos to participate in the categories of Music – Art – Dance and Comedy. This entry, though shot in a car, enables the four dancers to bring something new to the table.
An ostensibly impromptu decision for the filmmakers of ‘3,’the YouTube upload was indeed strategic. An article by Business India sums up what made Kolaveri tick. “The biggest myth is that viral marketing campaigns make themselves. Campaigns have to be orchestrated. And indeed, once the official version was uploaded, Kolaveri was carefully managed at every stage… Yet the campaign was also carefully designed to avoid sounding like a sales pitch. The film the song figures in, for instance, was never mentioned. Content that sounds like a sales pitch fails. Never use viral marketing as a sales channel. It puts people off instead of getting them excited.”

A Final Thought

Before your viral goes online, be ready to respond to feedback, inquiries and criticism. Delay, most of all, creates a negative impact. So, keep relevant resources ready before your videos go viral. Remember, an innovative idea, driven largely by your target group ensures mind-space, if not likes and shares. And that should be your final driver.

Ideas are dangerous things. If you’ve watched ‘Inception’ or ‘V for Vendetta,’ you already know. No, seriously! Plant an innocuous idea in someone’s head well, and you never know how you can change them or influence their future choices. A good viral campaign has the same potential. So why not try something awesome, and get in touch with us for more?

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