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After making a mark in data, voice, and brand solutions, MobilArt takes bold strides into the exciting world of MCNs

Last week, MobilArt launched its first multi-channel network (or MCN) named In: Cult.

With this venture, MobilArt has forayed into MCN services like providing platform solutions for content creators and providers, such as, product promotion, content programming, content optimizing, increasing views and subscribers, monetization of content and digital rights procurement.

Simply put, with MCN, MobilArt will now offer production, marketing and operational support to YouTube content creators and YouTube channels by adding value to their content quality and expanding their audience reach.

Why MCN?

Digital consumption is growing at 30% every year, and displaying a startlingly better ability to keep viewership glued than other media outlets like print, TV, Out of Home and radio. Given this context, MCNs have carved their niche by breaking through even the digital clutter. Case in point – MCNs like Culture Machines, Qyuki and Ping Digital have already etched new pathways of success in the cut-throat age of social media.

Culture Machines, a fast-growing multichannel network has tie-ups with 500 content creators across multiple genres of entertainment. QUIKI, a YouTube-certified MCN, is backed by stalwarts like Shekhar Kapur, AR Rahman and Samir Bangara.  Launched in 2013, Ping Digital’s first channel was India Food Network, which has now become one of the largest food networks within the short span of 2 years.

What gives MobilArt an edge over other MCNs?

MobilArt’s greatest edge is people – an expert team comprising content producers, campaign managers, channel optimizers, content aggregators and label managers, data analysts and content operation specialists that understand content. MobilArt relies on its expertise in the areas of technology, marketing and operations, to gain global reach with its vast stores of regional understanding.

A strong network of CPs also lends us confidence. They were already our partners in the data business, giving us a formidable range across genres – starting from devotional, to Bollywood, and even sports. Today, they impart massive strength to our internet venture as well. Besides this, we aim to leverage our B2B customer connect for brand sponsorships too.

Looking Ahead

In Cult is witnessing a well-phased launch. It was kicked off with the existing MobilArt content library, a treasure trove of 10,000 minutes of video content. Our first release YouTube channel, Suvidha Massage Service, is now live. This will be quickly followed by yoga videos, stand up comedy, health & lifestyle tips, Do It Yourself videos, as well as Bollywood and Hollywood content.

The next phase of our plan for MCN will comprise content alliances that will allow MobilArt to optimize and monetize third-party content, from whence a revenue share can be earned. In the final leg, we will create content by roping in celebrities, YouTube Vloggers, and generate other formats of content with a potential to go viral.


“We envision MCN as a platform for people who have the creative ability to churn out entertaining concepts for YouTube. We hope to provide the right window of opportunity for quality content, so it can reach as many people in our long-term effort to create self-sustaining demand for quality content.”

Amit Agarwal, Head – Content, MobilArt Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd

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