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Snapchat is an image and video sharing app which has captured the fascination of people all across the world including India. The platform has become immensely powerful with the youth and that gives brands across various categories direct access to the coveted 13-25 age demographic. But before we begin telling you what can be done for your brand on Snapchat, let’s answer what exactly is Snapchat, shall we?


Created by Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy in 2011, Snapchat has been taking the digital community by storm with its impressive growth. A majority of Snapchat’s fans have been attracted to the Platform because of its ‘Story’  feature:


Brands abroad have already started utilizing Snapchat’s features to connect with it’s T.G in innovative and engaging ways:






Like all the other social media platforms, Snapchat too, can be used to engage a brand’s T.G effectively. Here are some of them:




Now that we’ve answered the what and how of Snapchat. The question that comes up is, why use it for your brand? Here’s the answer:



You now know what Snapchat can do for your brand but here’s what CE can do for your brand using Snapchat:


Hope this blog made you aware about the various marketing avenues Snapchat and CE present. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. :)


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