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With the right apps, techniques and a few inexpensive accessories you could turn your iPhone or similar device into a highly capable video capture device.
First thing first: Don’t use your camera app. The default camera app is not good enough to deliver film quality.

FilMic Pro ($4.99) is a brilliant app that shoots at a maximum of 50 Mbps at 1080p with tons of features like lock focus, exposure, white balance, audio metering, external mic support and variable frame rates (24p and 25p for film look).

Android users should opt for lg CameraPro($1.99) that includes variable bitrates, framerates, encoding options etc. but it is no match to FilmMic Pro. For Slow motion action, Use SloPro(free) that capture videos at 60fps, providing a smooth half-speed video.For time-lapse, Use Lapse It, which is a fantastic time-lapse video app for Android. It comes with an amazing tutorial.

Want more out of your phone camera? Then Accessorize:

1.       Grip Tight Mount: Price: $20
The GripTight tripod mount can fit to any smartphone. It has a spring-loaded grip that can attach to phone as well as the tripod. Use any commercial tripod to get steady pans and tilts.

2.       Life Phorm: $40
The Life-Phorm gives you the ability to hold your smartphone in multiple positions and attach to shelves, branches and body partsWant to ensure a secure grip? Just add bungee cords.

3.       Olloclip: $70
Easy to attach and detach, the Olloclip gives you three lenses in one: macro, wide angle and fish-eye.

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