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MobilArt offers a variety of tailor-made software solutions for your business needs, be it retail audits or a sales-marketing interface, that enable you to achieve your business goals.

Project: Survey App for Danone Nutricia

Client: Danone Nutricia’s Farex

Product: Sales/Marketing tools

Mobilart helped launch the new and improved Farex to its internal stakeholders – its sales staff, digitally, to emphasise its newness to create the right enthusiasm about the brand. The survey app in particular helped the company’s marketing/sales representatives gather feedback and insights from doctors and HCP in a bid to improve product development and marketing practices.

Employee Brand Building Tools

Employees matter because customers have relationships with people, not brands. Thus, customer-facing staff members must be tuned in to what makes their company unique. It’s not unusual for a company’s pitch to lack credibility with employees. If your story accurately reflects your company as it stands today, then employees will more easily engage in telling it. And if you’re trying to change the story you tell, then employees will need tangible evidence of that change — recruitment, recognition, rewards — before they begin to believe. That’s why it is important that your employees can tell your brand story. With multi-platform offerings, particularly content, employees will experience real reasons to be proud of their employers, and back the brand story cohesively, as a team. New-gen mobility-centric offerings suit every HR need:

Brand storytelling

Company websites . Copy services (PR/ Corp Communication/ Investor Relations) · Company AVs . Ringtones / Brand Anthems

Employee communication

HR manifestos · Intranet employee services · Loyalty programme websites · Mobile apps/ mobile friendly sites for employees . Surveys (discreet/ open)

Training and Development

· Training modules and materials

Recruitment Communication

Employee testimonials/feedback forums · Copy for recruitment programmes

Employee Database Management

Database Management . Talent Pool . Vendor Management.

Retail Audit Tools

In an increasingly competitive retail environment, retail audits can enable consumer-facing companies to study outlets, study sales trends, consumer preferences, and other aspects of display and promotion. The intelligence thus collected may be employed in displaying products to their full potential, and maximising ROI. However, this process isn’t easy or standardised. Sales reps face a variety of issues, ranging from gathering and preserving the right intelligence, to crunching the available data for a structured POS marketing programme. That’s where MobilArt Enterprise can help. We offer you retail audit solutions by way of a personalized features that may be used on-field by your sales reps, to inform you of: · Branding adherence at retail outlets · Compliance of promotional guidelines · Product placement audits · Stock availability · Brand / product recommendations · Other marketing procedures

Our Retail Audit App enables you to

Measure the strengths of your POS marketing campaign easily Preserve data View reports instantaneously Survey Tools Customise as per your needs.

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