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Empower Your Employees to Market Your Brand Story

People make or break organisations. Yet, if finding the right employees was that simple, you would just hire graduates out of India’s best B-schools and be done with it. It is because this task is so much more dynamic, that you need to strike a balance between recognising and projecting the right image of your company, and clearly identifying the kind of people who would fit in.

Employees matter because customers have relationships with people, not brands. Thus, customer-facing staff members must be tuned in to what makes their company unique. After all, your employees are more than brand ambassadors; they’re promise keepers. They’re the ones who will bring to life the promises the company makes, and so, they must be impassioned to fulfill them.

Instilling the Brand Story

Not having an employee branding initiative is what’s keeping your organisation from being “a great place to work.” Employee branding is a precise, long-term effort to prune the image of your organisation among employees and other stakeholders, in a bid to positively influence recruitment, retention, and optimise productivity. Done correctly, successful employee branding increases your organization’s reputation, creating industry-wide consensus about you being an employer of choice.

It’s not unusual for a company’s pitch to lack credibility with employees. If your story accurately reflects your company as it stands today, then employees will more naturally engage in telling it. And if you’re trying to change the story you tell, then employees will need tangible evidence of that change — recruitment, recognition, rewards — before they begin to believe. Most companies fall short on doing a good job of communicating with their own employees, let alone extending their brand storytelling to those they hope to recruit, or even customers.

That’s why it is important that your employees can tell your brand story. With multi-platform offerings, particularly content, employees will experience real reasons to be proud of their employers, and back the brand story cohesively, as a team. We offer new-gen mobility-centric offerings suit every HR need.

How You Can Add Value

A successful employee brand management programme promotes a culture of sharing and continuous improvement, good people management, high productivity and industry-wide recognition. Building an employee-friendly brand requires continual improvements based on assessment measures. HR managers often attempt to improve company bottom-line through cost-cutting tactics that unfortunately do nothing for quality. Employee branding, however, can inspire productivity, and open up untapped reserves of gusto and new opportunities for the company.

Here are some ways in which companies are ingraining their brand story in their employees.

Company AVs

MobilArt particularly excels in employee branding videos. Whether the requirement is a fun, feel-good AV for your internal communication needs, or knowledge-sharing films for idea dissemination, we’re equipped to deliver.


Circus Elephants had as much fun creating this employee video for IndiaMart as its employees had participating in it. Since the company’s employees view their organisation as a buttoned-down, formal one, it was a good change and a great morale booster for them.

Hindustan Unilever:

This HUL video focused on its human resources and highlighted the levels of job satisfaction among its employees.

Besides company AVs, we can also empower you with these:

Brand storytelling

· Company websites
. Copy services (PR/ Corp Communication/ Investor Relations)
. Ringtones / Brand Anthems

Employee communication

· HR manifestos www.hr.com/en/about_us/the_hr_com_manifesto/
· Intranet employee services
· Loyalty programme websites
· Mobile apps/ mobile friendly sites for employees m.smartprepindia.com
. Surveys (discreet/ open)

Training and Development

· Training modules and materials

Recruitment Communication

· Employee testimonials/feedback forums
· Copy for recruitment programmes

Employee Database Management

. Database Management
. Talent Pool
. Vendor Management.

We live in an instant, real-time world, and it may be time to consider mobility-centric enterprise tools to create goal alignment. Although it is hard work, it’s a critical way for companies to build a buzzing employee engagement, so they can be excited about the brand story. Activities aimed at engaging employees can turn them into brand evangelists, from simply satisfied employees. Ultimately, they’re the ones who will be selling your brand promise.

Now, tell us your story. How do you intend to recruit and engage employees so that you can create promise keepers?

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