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At Circus Elephants, we believe that creating great and inspiring work is a reward in itself but it’s still a great honour to be recognized for it. That’s what happened when our campaign for CHILDLINE – ‘I Pledge for Child Rights’ won the prestigious ‘Communication, Advocacy and Developmental Activism Award’ at the Social Media for Empowerment Awards, 2016. The win came in the communication, advocacy and development activism category. This campaign for us, was an opportunity to showcase our creativity and come up with a disruptive activation which will do justice to the given brief. The awards, which nominated more than 250 campaigns selected from a multitude of entries from across South Asia, were held by the Delhi Empowerment foundation.

What CHILDLINE wanted:

With the I PLEDGE FOR CHILD RIGHTS campaign (20th March – 01st April 2015), CHILDLINE wanted to address three objectives:


of how CHILDLINE works, and the quantum of work involved in the NGO’s rescue and rehabilitation operations.


and awareness on child rights violation and child protection policies in India.


Since the campaign was launched during financial year-end, the NGO hoped to raise donations from the working classes, who were now in the process of filing for returns.

What CE did:

After doing our due diligence and research, we realized that there was an empathy that needed to be created in adults so that they could see the world through a child’s eyes.

Anvita Thapliyal, Vice-President – Content & Strategy, of Circus Elephants says “We were honored to have the opportunity to work with ChildLine and help them achieve goals for the year. The challenge was how to handle a sensitive topic in a way that helped the TG understand our message without it having to be dramatized. The key to the campaign was to not make the children look like mere statistics but to get into the crux of the emotion. So we came up with the iPledge for child rights campaign, with a single click the target audience could become a part of change, with another they could choose to donate or leave a message. The simplicity of the interface spiraled engagement to an unprecedented level.”

“The campaign had to be engaging and more importantly, have a unique identity which gives the campaign its own voice. Be it the posts, the never ending message board or the app. They had to create a precise impact in the minds of the target audience. ” added Amit Aggarwal, Associate Vice President – Content

To achieve the same, we crafted a Facebook app with a very interactive model:

  • Quiz

A quiz which brought Child Rights into perspective for an adult, making a strong case for the pledge and awareness program.


  • Pledge & Donate

An awareness program disguised as a pledge which put forward the basic message of 1098, and promoted Child Rights awareness.


  • Message Board

Users could raise their voice against child abuse and child rights violation on our message board – where they could also express what they seek for the children of India. http://bit.ly/CHILDLINEboard


Number Crunching:



The Bottom Line:

We took the approach of soul-stirring storytelling, using statistics and real life stories to engage and evoke reader participation. Over 13 days of campaigning (March 20-31), including 3 days of teasers(March 20-22), what started as a social media project – an engagement and donation-boosting campaign – quickly assumed a passionate and very personal fervour. Hard hitting teasers and full-length bio-posts that attempted to turn the same statistics into relatable human interest stories, fully fleshed out the gravity of crimes committed against children. These stories elicited 1,386 heartfelt pledges during the campaign.

The campaign saw some of our most emotionally-draining, wearying hours; and yet, remains among our most passionate, memorable and gratifying work. Our work and CHILDLINE’s vision have brought the NGO these much-deserving accolades, and we could not be more delighted or prouder!

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