8 Tips To Create Engaging Social Media Copy

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  1. Make the content share-worthy: A major percentage of re-sharable content usually fall under one or all of the four categories: Information, Analysis, Assistance and Entertainment.
  1.  Stats and numbers: Try to back your opinion or expertise with numbers or stats. This will help the user analyse and conclude what you are trying to say.
  1.  Be mobile friendly: You can’t go viral if your content can’t be viewed and shared on the mobile web.
  1.  Great headlines: On average, 8 out of 10 people judge an article only by reading the headline copy. The better your headline, the better your odds of beating the averages. A good headline talks to the audience in their language and emotions and gives them a glimpse of what is to be followed.
  1.  Test and analyse: Analysing your past content and data to improve your future posts. Create different versions of your content to see what works. Not only this gives you an idea of changing trends and tastes, but also tests accessibility on latest and different devices and browsers.
  1. Writing Long posts: When you write long posts, the opportunity of using a variety of long-tail keywords is greater. This means better performance in search queries for related keywords.
  1. Let the pictures speak:  Use posts with interesting photos, screenshots or graphics. As per a recent study, Facebook posts with images are shared by 53% over the average post and posts with images have an increase of 104% in comments.
  1. Don’t forget the share button: Last but not the least; make it easy for your readers to share by placing social media share buttons at bottom of all posts.
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