5 Quick Tips for a Buzzing Facebook Presence

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5 Quick Tips for a Buzzing Facebook Presence

  1. Balance Variety: A well-balanced Facebook plan offers value with engagement. So, the trick is accompanying information with elements that engage – most preferably at the same time. Ask your readers about their interests, request a quick poll, share videos you think they may find interesting, as well as links to articles, infographic how-tos and DIYs they can save to Pinterest or share on their social networks. It’s a bonus when you can get your community to engage amongst themselves, buzzing up your network organically.

  2. Staying Connected and Scheduling Ahead: Sad but true – if you want your community to buzz, you must be around to encourage and nurture conversations when it does. This means that you have to have the Facebook Pages Manager app on your smartphone, and an inclination to respond at the sound of a ping (at least during the Godly hours)…. And let’s steer clear of how true that is when you’re managing a Facebook contest!In such a scenario, Facebook’s post scheduler turns into your best friend for a time, and helps take the load off from managing the page and strategising your communication at once.
  3. Evergreen Content: Content that wows should follow one of these two routes well – be timely and make a relevant revelation at a juncture where it will be appreciated – or be classic in nature, and offer informative value that remains constant on any given day. Latest topics are great to fire discussions, while the more timeless ones can be boosted to garner readership interest and fans over time.
  4. Add Depth with Images: You need images not simply to make a post pretty. A wise combination of image and caption can push readers to think, feel and imagine, adding volumes to a two-line post, which as everyone will tell you, is the rule. Simplify posts that are wordy and technical with infographics, and watch your likes go up instantly!

  5. Gather Insights: Facebook Insights helps you track exactly what works, when it works… and how! Yet, once you get your hands in deep enough to have your fingers on its pulse, the trends become much more apparent – and you know if humour works over information, if your engagements can improve by including polls and surveys… or simply if your posts can do better if they are timed around breakfast or dinner. Experiment a bit, but don’t change too much; because your fans like you for who you are!

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