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With brands big and small attacking calendar events such as Mother’s Day with great gusto for online engagements, the realm of content marketing is inundated with a deluge of quality campaigns, or not. While most brands choose to play by the rules and take the sentimental approach, only a few manage to shatter the monotony with wit and ingenuity. Here’s how YOUR BRAND can stand out with a unique perspective on run-of-the-mill campaign themes.

4. Play to your strengths

Don’t make your message generic and safe. Leverage your strengths and play up themes your brand is associated with. Case in point: In Hallmark’s new series of Mother’s Day ads which were all about the ‘expressions of love’ theme, people are asked to describe their gratitude for their mothers without using the phrases “I love you” or “thank you.” The participants don’t know their moms are listening in, so each video captures a family’s heart-felt reactions.

The same can be said for this interactive video by Coca Cola, which tells a tale of motherhood from the perspective of three generations who love and hate, and bond over bottles of the world’s favourite soda.

3. Sometimes you have to be selfless

Don’t make your message self-serving – even the most loved brands make this mistake. Audiences tend to see through such content. Real content marketing is about building a relationship with users in hopes of generating loyalty. If you send out an honest, heartfelt message, even if it deviates from your branding style, users will remember and reward you for it. For instance, this film by Archies seeks to address their AdoptAMom programme, the company’s CSR initiative.

2. Offer an open ended engagement opportunity

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to rake up social media fan engagement. By providing some form of utility or reward to the user, Facebook engagements can do wonders in building brand association and loyalty. Take Fortune Edible Oils and Foods for instance. Under their ‘Mother Exchange’ initiative, Fortune connected mothers whose children were working or studying in different cities and enabled them to take care of someone else’s child, while another mother takes care of theirs. That way, the brand hopes to enable young people to enjoy the magic of a home-cooked meal away from home. Pretty awesome, we think!

1. Be disruptive

If the rule is to be emotional about Mother’s Day, then be the exception by making it light and funny. Some films stood out and successfully broke through the clutter. We love the tongue-in-cheek wit of this MTV film, which does not go the regular, mushy way about a Mother’s Day campaign, making it entertaining and memorable!

Samsung stood out with this hilarious take on every mom in the world when it comes to technology. We especially appreciate the video treatment, which is all about Samsung’s phones. This one will make you roll your eyes and say – Oh mums! It’s not easy to live with them, but we definitely don’t want to live without them!

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