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It is said that a goldfish has a memory of as little as 7 seconds. And without exaggeration, that’s just about as much as your regular ADD-prone social media target today. You have only a few seconds to capture their interest with micro content that says something powerful about you.

So, if you ever believed in the relevance of long-form content for your communication strategy, you simply cannot discount the impact micro content can have on your business and long game today.

Umm, so what’s micro content?

Micro content comprises short-form copy content, headlines, memes, short videos and Vines, visuals, Twitter cards and short text; in short, anything bite-sized for consumption and best suited for social media.

In fact, today, with mobile consumption increasing manifold, one can expect micro-content to become as pertinent as ever. Google now ranks websites based on their mobile responsiveness, and as more people access your website or social media content by phone, you’ll see how invaluably it can impact your business.

So, keep on with long-form content like blogs and website, but capture their attention and draw them out with micro content.

Make the most of your micro content

      1. On Pinterest, certain topics get more engagement than others on certain days. Fridays are generally seen as the best days for engagements. So, it’s a great idea to craft content that is ageless. Create weekly theme calendars, and try to be as informative as you can, while being brief.1
      2. A plugin called Inline Tweet Sharerallows your readers to retweet memorable micro content while on your blog – like quote or an image.
      3. Create memes on Instagram to visually show your followers a bit about your latest blog post and update the relevant link in your bio.
      4. Share short, fun and informative videos to Facebook telling your followers about your latest offering. Videos on Facebook are witnessing huge viewership Today.
      5. For times when your headline is the only shot you’ve got, make them quirky and noticeable with Buzzsumo.
      6. If relevant, create a Pinterest-specific image for your blog post and pin it to a board created especially for your blog articles. You can also use Canva to do this.
      7. Use a plugin like the J Query Pin It Button For Imagesto make all images on your blog pin-able. Once it is installed, a ‘Pin It’ button will appear on the images in your blog when they’re hovered over.
      8. Remember that photos drive engagement on Facebook. Learn about Frotto by Circus Elaphants – MobilArt and breathe vivacity into all forms of your online persona.2
      9. Always, always, always be quick to respond on Twitter.3
      10. If you share blog posts through an email newsletter, make it shareable with a click of a button with Click to Tweet.
      11. Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate SMS into your marketing strategy. We at MobilArt are pros at this! ;)

Know your priorities

Micro-content can’t bear the weight of all your communication agendas alone. Micro content can capture the user’s attention and drive it to other owned assets, like a website or blog, so it is also important to create a knowledge hub where you can scout for leads and customers.

So, use both wisely to get the optimal result you want – which is to get the ones you’re interested in, to want to hear more from you!

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